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Karlyn Marshall Artist



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Signed Limited Edition Giclée Print, by Karlyn Marshall

This is part of a small limited run of 50 prints in total.

Tiree : This painting of Tiree was originally a commission piece 1.5 x 1 metre in size.  It is the largest painting I have produced to date and was challenging for a small person like me.  This has proved to be a very popular painting with several resulting commission variations.

It incorporates brushwork and palette knife work.  The clear semi-realistic sky is created with a soft brush and the rocks texture is recreated with the palette knife.


A small border is included to contain the signature.

The print sizes are approximate.

Tiree 20cm x 25cm

Tiree 25cm x 30cm

Tiree 30cm x 40cm

Tiree 40cm x 50cm

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