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Karlyn Marshall Artist

Ailsa Craig (Tranquility)

Ailsa Craig (Tranquility)

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Ailsa Craig/Tranquility: My family has a caravan in South Ayrshire, which we have been lucky enough to stay in from time to time.  There is a great view of Ailsa Craig.  Whilst travelling around the Ayrshire coast many opportunities arise to capture Ailsa Craig from different viewpoints and in different lights.  The sunsets over Ailsa Craig from Ayrshire can be spectacular and I've been lucky to see a number of them. This is one. The painting is a combination of brush and palette knife work. I enjoy creating semi-realistic skies with the brush and contrasting with a semi-abstract foreground with the palette knife. There is an abundance of texture in this painting. The froth on the waves stands proud and the rocks are textured with the drag of the palette knife reminiscent of the roughness of the rocks themselves.

Signed Limited Edition Giclée Print, by Karlyn Marshall.

This is part of a small limited run of 50 prints in total.

The print sizes are approximate.

A small border is included to contain the signature.

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